“You’ve helped me to see that there are still beautiful things to do in the world”

— 90 year old participant

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Note from founder and cellist Lauren Latessa


 I have always believed that my responsibility as a musician is to tap into the struggles and joys of the human condition.  In no moment do you understand this more clearly than walking into a room, knowing that your music will be the last sounds heard by a dear friend.  

The Iris Music Project is dedicated to exploring this connection between classical music and well-being. I have personally spent many hours contemplating this as I watched my own Mom struggle with a cancer that has returned six times.

Through all this, I have reaffirmed my belief that music has the awesome power to give all stages of life more depth, more beauty, more meaning.  Used correctly, it makes all the difference: one last moment of connection, one last peaceful breath, one last smile.


Our Mission

The mission of the Iris Music Project is to strengthen community wellness through daily musical experiences that foster joy, understanding, purpose and inspiration.

We partner with continuing care retirement communities, senior centers and other community venues to provide musical programming and experiences throughout these communities.

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